Finding things to do with your kids should be easy.
So we built Community Kangaroo for other parents like us.

What is Community Kangaroo?

Community Kangaroo is the one-stop-shop for parents in the suburbs of Boston, MA to find local events and info. We list every local kid-friendly event we can find on our calendar, then let you filter by age to find what’s right for your family.

Our maps let you find playgrounds, hikes, farms, birthday parties, and even neighborhood Christmas light displays near you.

We write incredibly helpful newsletters, with all the top upcoming events plus info like ages and cost right in the body of the email.

Add in our detailed camp lists and seasonal event highlights, and you’ve got all the info you need to win parenting!

Which towns does this region cover?

CK is unique because the regions overlap, giving every town a chance to hear about all the nearby events in all directions.

This region was designed for parents in Foxboro, Wrentham and Norfolk, MA. It covers all events in those towns as well as the neighboring towns of Walpole, Mansfield, Sharon, North Attleboro, and Franklin (plus some of the big events even farther away, like Woonsocket and Providence).

If you live in one of those neighboring towns (or beyond), there may be an even better version of CK designed just for you! Check the map on our homepage to find the region designed for parents in your town.

Who runs Community Kangaroo?

CK was started by Sharon Aigler, a MetroWest mom who had a vision of the ultimate user-friendly local website to make parents’ lives easier.

Local mom Sarah runs this Foxboro-Wrentham-Plainville region, entering events and writing the weekly e-newsletter! She’s always on the lookout for the best local happenings and loves to keep local parents informed.

How can I get my business on Community Kangaroo?

There’s no charge for businesses to list one-time events on our calendar, birthday parties on our party map, camps on our detailed list, or drop-in playtimes on our activities map. Click here to find the right person to contact with your information.

In mid- to late-2018 we plan to add a class calendar, where users can filter by child’s age and type of class to find multi-week options near them. Inclusion in this calendar involves a reasonable monthly fee. See what this looks like in our Holliston area in the meantime.

With the high volume of information on CK, though, the best way to stand out is with an ad, which puts your business prominently in front of thousands of local parent eyeballs and helps us keep the lights on. You won’t find a more targeted audience, with the ability to choose your own combination of regions (each containing 2 or 3 towns) to piece together the best delivery of your message. We love our business partners and promote them every chance we have, especially on social media (where we all spend plenty of time). Contact Sharon to learn more about these exciting opportunities.

Special thanks to the following:

Amanda Paradis Lozier for designing Community Kangaroo’s logo and many of the other artistic and graphic features

Ken Lozier for technical support and for fixing all the things when they break

Maps Icon Collection for images used as icon on maps in this site (https://mapicons.mapsmarker.com)